FMBR Pilot Demonstration Projects

90 to 180 day FMBR Pilot Demonstrations, funded by JDL if qualified.


    • Prove technical and economic feasibility.
    • Ensure safe, efficient, well run evaluations.
    • Document results.
    • Deliver a full-scale FMBR solution, customized to meet requirements, if the FMBR Pilot is successful.

Qualifications for JDL Funded Pilot Demos

    1. The wastewater is primarily municipal or food and contains a high % organic waste.
    2. The FMBR Pilot will demonstrate treatment performance for up to 5,000 GPD wastewater flow.
    3. The Pilot Demonstration Site meets requirements to support a Pilot FMBR evaluation.
    4. JDL approves funding for an FMBR Pilot Demo.
fmbr tank


    • Day 1 – Site Survey.
    • Day 7 – JDL Approval.
    • Day 30 – FMBR Pilot Demonstration Agreement is signed.
    • Day 60 – Ship FMBR Pilot System.
    • Day 90 – Install FMBR Pilot System, Operate, Maintain, & Monitor Performance.
    • Day 180 – Issue FMBR Pilot Performance Report.